Electronic Surplus Buying Procedure

1. Check the product description carefully. Ask any questions about the goods using the "Further Details Request Form" before purchasing the goods. A handling charge may be made for any goods returned which are ordered in error. The seller understands that you may need more specific information and will be pleased to provide it.
2. All prices quoted are exclusive of V.A.T. This will be charge at standard rate where appropriate.
3. Check sellers rating. All sellers are rated from 0-5. A new seller is rated at 0, an established seller with a proven reliable record will be rated 5. Any seller who regularly receives complaints will be removed from the registered seller list.
4. When satisfied that the goods are exactly what is required make a goods reservation by filling out the purchase order form. You will receive an immediate response e-mail confirming receipt of your order.
5. Within 1 working day you will receive an e-mail confirming availability of the goods, and confirmation of price shipping costs etc. The goods will be reserved for you for 3 days from despatch of this e-mail. If payment for the goods is not received within this period they will be returned for sale on the website. Orders will be processed strictly in the order received using time and date of e-mail receipt.
6. You must now send payment for the goods. Payments should be made to "Electronic Surplus" and sent to :-
Electronic Surplus,
13 Pendyffryn Road,
LL18 4RU.
Once the funds are cleared (usually 3 working days after receipt) delivery of the goods will be arranged. Electronic Surplus will e-mail details of shipment to buyer. If prompt delivery is important, payment can be made by B.A.C.S. or same day transfer after receipt of confirmation of availability and price. For same day payments please e-mail details to Electronic Surplus to enable us to expedite your order as soon as payment arrives at our bank.
7. The actual purchase transaction is between the registered buyer and registered seller, and the invoice you receive will be from the seller for the full amount charged (including vat carriage and insurance charges). Electronic Surplus holds the payment whilst goods are in transit to safeguard both buyer and seller. The buyer of the goods has seven days from receipt of goods to register any problems using our " problem with goods form". Details of the reason for return will be passed to the seller and payment will be withheld from them until such time as a satisfactory solution to the problem has been agreed. Should the goods be returned for any reason the buyer will be responsible for the cost of return postage and insurance. Electronic Surplus will return payment if it receives confirmation from the seller that the goods have been received and accepted. Electronic Surplus reserves the right to take its commission (or part thereof) from any monies returned to cover expenses incurred.
8. If goods are returned without agreement or without notification of return to Electronic Surplus within the seven day period , the buyer will be deemed to have accepted the goods , and any arrangements for return of the goods must be made direct with the seller who will also be responsible for the refund of any payment.
Keep all packaging materials for examination.
Inform the seller and Electronic Surplus (using our "Problem with goods" form) immediately. Any claims made outside the seven day period will mean that the seller will have been paid for the goods, and any claim for return of monies paid will be strictly between buyer and seller.
The buyer must make the damaged packaging and goods available for inspection by the seller and any authorised representatives ( eg insurance loss adjusters) so that an insurance claim may be promptly expedited.
9. If you have any comments on the seller, please fill out a transaction report form. Did the goods match the description? Was delivery prompt? Would you deal with this company again? Electronics Surplus uses these comments to monitor the behaviour of buyers and sellers. If we see behaviour that causes us concern - even before a formal complaint has been lodged - Electronic Surplus reserves the right to remove any buyer or seller from our registered list, and remove any goods listed with us from sale. Filling in the goods accepted box on this form helps seller to get payment more quickly as it confirms that you have accepted the goods.
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