Electronic Surplus Selling Procedure

1. Be precise and honest in your description of the goods. Provide a photo of the goods if possible. If more details are available in a widely available catalogue (e.g. RS, Farnell, etc.) then mention the source and part no in the description. If the goods are not in mint condition do not offer them for sale. The Electronic Surplus site is for new first quality items.
2. Make sure your description contains all relevant information (e.g. capacitors need value, type, working voltage and sometimes lead pitch). Many queries are generated because insufficient information is offered in the original description.
3. By registering as a seller with Electronic Surplus you agree to allow the buyer up to seven days from receipt of your goods to inspect them and confirm that they are as described. You will incur the cost of one way shipping and insurance if the item is rejected and returned. The buyer will bear the cost of return carriage and insurance.
4. You agree to confirm the total cost for the goods including V.A.T. Carriage and insurance within 1 working day of receiving an E-mail from Electronic Surplus confirming sale of your goods.You also agree to produce an invoice for the goods within 1 working day of being requested to by Electronic Surplus. This invoice should be sent to 01745 361219.
5. When requested you also agree to ship the goods in the manner agreed within 1 day of being requested to do so.
6. The actual purchase transaction is between the registered buyer and registered seller, and the invoice you send will be to the buyer for the full amount charged (including VAT, carriage and insurance charges). Electronic Surplus holds the payment for the goods whilst goods are in transit and until accepted by the buyer, to safeguard both buyer and seller.
7. 30 days after the goods have been shipped, if no "problem with goods report" has been received by Electronic Surplus, the transaction is deemed to have been satisfactory, and Electronic Surplus will send the seller payment (minus its commission) along with an invoice for the commission charged. If a dispute has been registered within the appropriate timescale (e.g. due to goods damaged in transit), electronic surplus will hold any payment involved until the dispute has been resolved. If any problems with the goods arise after payment has been made to the seller then all arrangements for return of goods and/or payments should be made between the buyer and seller.
8. If you have any comments on the buyer, please fill out a transaction report form. Was delivery rejected for no real reason? Would you deal with this company again? Electronics Surplus uses these comments to monitor the behaviour of buyers and sellers. If we see behaviour that causes us concern - even before a formal complaint has been lodged - Electronic Surplus reserves the right to remove any buyer or seller from our registered list, and remove any goods listed with us from sale.
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