Using the Services of Electronics Surplus

Using the services of Electronic Surplus could not be easier
First you must register on line as either buyer, seller or both.
The transaction process will then follow one of the sequences below depending on whether you are a buyer or seller.
The selling transaction sequence in summary:-
Seller fills in goods for sale form on website.
Electronic Surplus add goods for sale to website and monitor response.
When a buyer is found Electronic Surplus requests full details of all charges to be made by seller (carriage, insurance, VAT etc.) - Electronic Surplus must have details within 1 working day.
Electronic Surplus notifies buyer of charges and collects money.
Electronic Surplus authorise shipment. Seller must ship goods and invoice to buyer within 1 working day.
Any problems with goods (e.g. damage in transit) must be resolved before goods are deemed to have been accepted by buyer.
Electronic Surplus pays seller within 30 days of acceptance of goods by buyer.
The buying transaction sequence in summary:-
Buyer fills in purchase order form on web site.
Electronic Surplus sends immediate order acknowledgement to buyer.
Seller confirms total invoice cost within 1 working day and faxes to Electronic Surplus.
Electronic Surplus notifies buyer of total invoice cost (inc. VAT, insurance and carriage)
Buyer sends payment to Electronic Surplus who clear payment with bank before authorising shipment thus safeguarding sellers interests.
Electronic Surplus authorises shipment of goods after clearance of payment.
Buyer either reports problem to Electronic Surplus, accepts the goods using transaction report form, or accepts the goods by doing nothing for 7 days.
If goods are accepted electronic Surplus pays seller within 30 days of acceptance.
If goods have a problem Electronic Surplus withholds payment from seller until problems are resolved thus safeguarding buyers interests.
As can be seen use of this system safeguards both buyer and seller.
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