Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to provide a fair and honest marketplace for genuine first quality electronic goods which have become surplus to the vendors requirements. To help achieve this aim Electronic Surplus has several rules and procedures which must be adhered to, thus ensuring fast efficient and secure trading. All buyers and sellers must complete an Electronic surplus registration form. Completion of this form indicates a knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions. This form can be found on our website at http://www.electronicsurplus.co.uk . All Transactions are between buyer and seller. Electronic Surplus merely acts as a financial intermediary holding payment due to the seller until the buyer has received, inspected and accepted the item. Electronic Surplus charges no buyers commission. However buyers incur costs in shipping and insuring items, and will be responsible for these costs even if an item is returned.
Electronic Surplus charges a 10% sellers commission with a 5.00 minimum. This commission structure may be changed with a minimum of 30 days prior notice. Electronic Services commission is deducted from payment due to the seller. The seller receives payment of 90% of the selling price of the goods + shipping and insurance charge.
Sellers may incur shipping and insurance charges and may forfeit these charges if goods are returned.


Electronic Surplus does not warrant the authenticity or value of any goods sold or listed, neither does it warrant the accuracy of the sellers descriptions. However any seller deemed to be guilty of repeated or deliberate misrepresentation of goods will be removed from the approved sellers register.
Electronic Services does not guarantee, nor can it be held responsible for, the performance of buyers or sellers.
All information supplied to Electronic Surplus by buyers and sellers must be correct and truthful. Any breach of this rule may lead to removal from the approved buyer/seller register. Electronic Surplus assumes no liability related to any goods sold via our website.
Electronic surplus is not responsible for transaction problems or any loss caused by the network, the servers, the internet or internet services providers.
Offering illegal, stolen or damaged items for sale on Electronic surplus is forbidden, any anyone found so doing may be removed from the approved buyer/seller register.
Electronic Surplus reserves the right to accept or decline products for inclusion on its website. It may also delete any item at will without notification to the seller
Electronic Surplus reserves the right to remove any products and ban any user from its network at any time, at its own discretion, without any liability.
By supplying details of a product for inclusion on the Electronic Surplus website , the seller grants Electronic Surplus the right to use the items image and details in its archives, and in any other format that Electronic Surplus may use for any purpose either at the time of listing or at any time in the future.
Participating seller/buyers agree to indemnify and hold Electronic Surplus harmless with regard to losses and/or damages of any kind related to the use of the Electronic Surplus website, network, products and information.
Electronics Surplus does not guarantee that records, data, descriptions, images will not be lost. Users should keep backup copies of all data provided.
Buyers and sellers use the Electronic Surplus website and services at their own risk.
N.B. Ordering or selling goods on the Electronic Surplus website is evidence that our terms and conditions along with procedures for buyers and sellers is understood and accepted.
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